Client Testimonials and Transformations

Elizabeth: I’ve been training with Alana for just over 6 months, and believe she is one of the most supportive and personally committed trainers around. I started training three times a week, as part of a group challenge and really enjoyed the variety of foods included in my meal plan and the challenge she put into the sessions. I must be a glutton for punishment! As since meeting and training with Alana I haven’t turned back. Alana is focused on helping me achieve my goals and makes every session challenging (& somehow fun). My fitness has increased noticeably and I’ve seen improvements in my ability to complete more exercises, lift progressively heavier & generally push myself harder throughout each session. I actually look forward to my workouts. I know that I would never have achieved the level of fitness and wellness I have for myself, if not for the support and personal attention given in my training sessions. I would recommend Alana in a heartbeat and aim to continue to train and maintain a good level of fitness with her help for a long time to come.

Georgia: Alana is a fantastic coach. Her nutritional guidelines are filled with delicious foods that are catered to your lifestyle and dietary preferences/needs. I really appreciated that she took the time to gather HEAPS of information about my eating habits, lifestyle, and goals. The nutrition plan was filled with foods that I like and love to eat, and addressed any concerns/difficulties I was having with my previous eating habits. I felt as though she provided all of the education I needed to make it a lifestyle and maintain it. All of my questions have been answered and I feel supported to reach my goals!

Jaclyn: I started an 8-week challenge with Alana in May 2016 after having a baby in March and I have gained so much more confidence in myself since training with her and my overall fitness and strength has increased dramatically! Our classes are constantly a challenge but we always end up having a laugh and all of us have such a great bond with each other, it’s almost been like a family! Alana has been such a great support inside and outside the gym and has made the gym a fun and enjoyable time for all us girls! I’m always going to miss our training sessions, hands down best PT I’ve had.

Hannah: Before starting with Alana I really struggled with my relationship with food. I was of the mentality of the less I ate the more weight I’d lose – and the healthier and happier I would be. This outlook was all but impossible to maintain, and I would yo-yo diet to lose a few kilos, and then put them back on. I’ve always gone to the gym and tried to eat well, but had no direction or focus until I purchased a nutritional and training guideline from Alana. I feel myself getting stronger and fitter. I can lift more, run faster and further, and have better endurance. I’m losing weight and toning up, in a way that is sustainable. The food is great, easy to make and delicious. I’ve learnt a lot about nutrition from Alana and can easily see this being a permanent part of my life. No food is off limits, which gives me a sense of freedom – knowing that I can still enjoy a variety of foods, whilst maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Thank you Alana for your direction and guidance.

Chloe: I can honestly not thank Alana enough with how she has helped me change my life over the last few months. Since having a past of depression, I use to binge non-stop, I was so unhappy with myself and needed a massive change. I have not had one binge since starting with Alana. I have barely gone out of my macros and the most important thing I’ve learnt is Balance. I eat what I want and still see results. I am nowhere near I want to be, but this is the first time ever that I am happy in myself knowing I’m working towards a goal. I can’t wait to keep working with Alana to reach my goal. The days of skipping meals and not enjoying the food I love are over. Alana is there for non-stop support, whenever I have a question she is always there. Whenever I feel as though I’m going to binge I can message her and then that feeling goes away because she reminds me how far I’ve come and how I’d feel if I did binge. The way I feel, the way I’m starting to see my body change, the confidence I feel is all down to Alana. I could not recommend her enough!

Lauren V: I have LOVED meeting like-minded people, improving my technique and enjoying lots of variety for exercises. Alana always provides adjustments when needed, and keeps the sessions challenging but also fun. I’ve had great results and I’m sure if I keep it up, they will continue.

Lauren M:  Alana has been my trainer for just over 3 months now, and in just a short 3 months she has managed to change my whole perspective on having a healthy balanced lifestyle, without stressing about eating the ‘wrong & right” foods and has always been there to push me towards my fitness goals. I recently completed Alana’s 8 week challenge and oh my god!! Although the classes were sometimes challenging, she always made it fun and full of laugher. It wasn’t just some boring class where we get told what to do. During those 2 months Alana became more then just a Personal trainer. She become a friend, a support system, an advice giver & a shoulder to lean on. Since training with Alana, she has helped me set goals and put them into action! She’s gone above and beyond to ensure I stay motivated and still continues to encourage me every day.I can see that my fitness level has increased dramatically. I feel stronger, happier and more determined then ever, I now look forward going to the gym and love that I have a healthy relationship with food, I owe it all to her. I highly recommend Alana to anyone looking to start a fitness journey, and will continue to stay to train with Alana no matter where life may take her.

Amy: Before I was training with Alana I hadn’t really exercised before except for walking on a treadmill. I found that strength training and weights started to give me results faster than any other work out I have done. After training with her for about 4 weeks I could visibly see I had gained muscle and started to drop the wobbly bits that I hadn’t been able to get rid of from pregnancy. I can now also do my own training sessions, since being taught correct technique and how to set up machines myself at the gym. She’s an excellent trainer and pushed me and gave me confidence to keep going. Thank you so much Alana!